Field days are fun days for farmers, with the added benefit of learning the latest on the subject presented. Cattle Wealth Management Firm recently held a very successful field day where all the right boxes were ticked. The firm invited the general public to its first ever field day on Saturday 25 May in Ipongo, Chibombo District in Central Province.

The Field Day was themed ‘Pioneering a new perspective in investment through cattle farming’. The gathering attracted almost 400 visitors, comprising both existing and prospective clients from different backgrounds such as the public and private sector, financial and insurance institutions, the local community and the agricultural sector. The field day was graced by the area’s traditional chief, His Royal Highness Chief Chitanda, and the District Commissioner, Mr Barnabus Musopelo, who was guest of honour. The Cattle Wealth Field Day was a highly interactive platform for farming business and networking with a specific focus on this innovative ranching model.

Cattle Wealth Management’s Chairman, Andrew Njovu, noted to aspiring farmers that “living in a world where principles and values are largely compromised, it has not been unusual for our clients to doubt the innovation and genuineness of the business, but we have not relented. Today, Cattle Wealth Management Firm opens its doors to the public, an opportunity which provides answers to those who have doubted and questioned the genuineness of the business. Cattle Wealth Management Firm is here, and we are here to stay!”

Cattle Wealth Management Firm (CWM), was created by three Zambian entrepreneurs – two accountants and a lawyer – who have been successful in their respective professions. The business is founded on the fundamental principles of accountability, transparency, honesty and hard work. The trio identified a gap in the industry to which Cattle Wealth Management Firm is providing a solution to individuals by husbanding cattle on their behalf. This applies to aspiring farmers who have a passion for ranching, or those who simply want to make a profitable investment, but do not have the land, time, skills and/or the resources needed to manage and grow a herd. The Cattle Wealth team explained in their presentation that an investment cycle runs for a minimum period of four years.

Seeing is believing and the interested, aspiring cattle owners admired and took time to carefully inspect the parental stock of their soon-to-be investments.

After four years, the following options are open to you:

Re-invest with us: Return all or some of your animals to our management farm services.

Cattle opt-out: Pick up your cattle at the end of the cycle and move them to your own farm or any other preferred location.

Cash opt-out: Request a cash opt out and receive cash equivalent to the selling market prices of cattle at the time of opting out, minus applicable marketing expenses.

Self-sale option: Pick up your animals and sell them to your preferred vendor at a price determined by yourself.

Chipokota Mwanawasa, Director, speaks the cattle into the spray race.

The agribusiness firm marked a key milestone in its existence as it clocked one year of operations on the 1st of February 2019, and they are excited about the business projections ahead. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimated that the consumption of beef on the African continent will increase by 200% between 2015 and 2050. The implications of these projections are that the demand for beef will increase, which will have a positive effect on investors in cattle. Cattle Wealth Management urges all prospective clients to be part of the next generation of investors by participating in the booming industry through the firm, as there is no better time to invest in cattle than today.

The current trajectory of Cattle Wealth Management (CWM) shows that in the next few years, it will be one of the leading beef cattle businesses in Zambia, but the first of its kind in this segment.

Speaking at the same event was Airtel’s Central Province Zonal Business Manager, Brian Chibesa, who launched the Cattle Wealth-Airtel Money payment platform. With this platform, Airtel aligned itself with supporting SMEs, start-ups and local innovation that create sustainable growth and development. For the Cattle Wealth Management customer, the Airtel money payment channel is a genuine proposition that provides a convenient payment method that reduces the time it takes to do transactions.

In-house Veterinary Consultant Dr Malcom Chiyoba; Chairman Andrew Njovu; Sales Agent Grace Neo; Director Chipokota Mwanawasa; Foreman Laston Ng’ona and Director Joel Chitambala, are some of the highly motivated staff and ranchers at Cattle Wealth Management Firm.

Also present as exhibitors, sponsors and speakers were Professional Insurance (PICZ) and Public Service Microfinance Company (PSMFC). The presence of PSMFC was a clear demonstration of the Zambian government walking the talk. As far as civil servants’ empowerment is concerned, it gives them an avenue to buy cattle from CWM. It also shows government’s support to agricultural development in the country, and particularly shows the confidence the Zambian Government places on locally owned businesses.

Professional Insurance’s Kabwe Branch Manager, Limon Nyirenda, expressed excitement at the new partnership with Cattle Wealth to provide insurance for its animals against agricultural related risks, stating that PICZ was “very excited to have been part of the event and having sponsored it, we have seen value in what Cattle Wealth Management Firm has embarked on”.

The herd of Cattle Wealth Management has the potential to give your cattle the best genetics a farmer-investor can buy.

The Cattle Wealth Management Field Day offered both its existing and prospective clients an opportunity to see the animals, the farm operations, and to purchase cattle on site. The event also provided an opportunity for individuals to interact with the management team and staff, and to learn exactly what Cattle Wealth Management Firm does.

Living the farming dream is for everyone. Send an e-mail to, or contact +26(0) 97-598-5366 or +26(0) 96-984-3020 for more information. Also visit their website at or their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Their physical address is CV15 COMESA Exhibition Village, Lusaka Showgrounds.

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