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We raise and manage three main breeds of cattle on our farms, Boran, Brahman, and local traditional cross breed animals. The selection of animals by the client is not open to choice other than the fact that the animal will always be female and good value money.


The Boran is medium in size with a short head, small ears, loose dewlap and a large hump above the shoulders. They can be horned or polled. They vary in height from 114cm to 147cm tall, and in weight bulls weigh approximately 500kg to 850kg. Cows weigh about 380kg to 450kg Their skin is loose, thick and extremely pliable for added insect repellence plus it is dark pigmented with fine short hair for heat tolerance. Hair colour can be a range of colours except brindle or solid black.

The Boran male and female share breed points, the sexes, however, show marked dimorphism – the female being notably small, whilst the male grows to a large size.  The cow has a well-carried udder with strong attachments and neat, small teats. Boran heifers reach puberty at an average age of 385 days and make excellent mothers, not only will they feed their calf so well that high weaning weights are attainable, but they also guard their young against predators, and will never their calfs to get lost in the bush. Calves at birth weigh an average of 28 kg for males and females, 25 kg.

Boran cattle have developed adaptive traits of crucial importance for their survival. Some of these characters are – the ability to withstand periodic shortage of water and feed, ability to walk long distances in search of water and feed and ability to digest low quality feeds. The herd instinct of the Boran makes it easy to manage and survive in the bush. They will always stay together and can ‘graze on the trot’.

The well-developed beef conformation shows up in carcase appraisals. The depth of eye muscle, marbling, even fat cover and ratio of hind to forequarter make the Boran difficult to beat, hence the preference by some  butchers for young, well-finished Boran steers.

Credit: http://www.borankenya.org/ |  http://www.thecattlesite.com/


  • Maternal Instincts
  • Longevity
  • Fertility
  • Disease Resistance
  • Temperament
  • Quality Of Carcases
  • Food Conversion
  • Early Maturing


The Brahman breed (also known as Brahma) are characterized by a large hump over the top of the shoulder and neck. Brahmans vary in colour from very light grey or red to almost black. A majority of the breed are light to medium grey. Mature bulls are normally darker than cows and usually have dark areas on the neck, shoulders and lower thighs. Brahman have an abundance of loose skin which is thought to contribute to its ability to withstand warm weather by increasing the body surface area exposed to cooling.

Brahmans are intermediate in size among beef breeds. Bulls will generally weigh from 1600 to 2200 pounds and cows from 450 to 600 kg in average condition. The calves are small at birth, weighing 25 to 30 kg, but grow very rapidly and wean at weights comparable to other breeds.

Brahmans are intelligent, inquisitive and shy. However, these characteristics also suggest careful, kind handling methods. Brahmans like affection and can become very docile. They quickly respond to handling they receive, good or bad. Well bred, wisely selected and properly treated Brahmans are as easily handled as other breeds.

Credit: http://www.brahman.org/ | www.thecattlesite.com/


  • Quick Growth
  • Early Finish
  • Abundant Muscle
  • Ideal Formation
  • Sexual Precoity
  • Tameness
  • Food Conversion
  • Early Maturing


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